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In the "Eclipse" film, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart portray Edward, Jacob and Bella, respectively.

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"Eclipse" is the third book in Stephenie Meyer's four-part, vampire-themed "Twilight" saga, following "New Moon" and preceding "Breaking Dawn." This installment in the series focuses on the love triangle between teenager Bella Swan, the vampire Edward Cullen and the werewolf Jacob Black, as well as on Bella's own desire to be made into a vampire so she can be with her beloved Edward. Note that some spoilers appear in the summary.

College and Killings

Bella finds herself grounded, while Jacob has become uncommunicative and depressed. When she sees Edward, they talk about college. Bella's father informs the pair that there's a serial killer lurking around nearby Seattle, who Edward thinks may be another vampire. Edward's sister, Alice, has a vision of Bella in danger. Edward convinces Bella to visit her mother in Florida. When she tries to see Jacob, Edgar breaks her car. Bella returns from Florida and finds out that Edward sent her away because the revenge-driven vampire Victoria was back in town. Both Jacob and Bella object to the deception.

Forced Slumber Parties and Werewolf Bonfires

Bella meets with Jacob, who explains the act of "imprinting," where werewolves genetically fall in love with people at first sight. She comes home to an angry and jealous Edward. Later, Edward bribes his sister into forcing Bella into attending a slumber party at his family's house while he's out of town. Rosalie, another Cullen family vampire, tells Bella how she was turned into a vampire against her will. Jacob helps Bella escape the Cullens and explains that he can't imprint because he's only thinking of her. She returns to the Cullens and apologizes for escaping. Edward agrees to trust her more. Bella returns home to find that another vampire has been in her house. The Cullens surmise that the killings in Seattle are part of a plan to put together an army of vampires. Bella hangs out with Jacob and the werewolves, where Jacob's father explains the history of werewolf-vampires relations.

Vampire Army

As graduation looms, Bella gets cold feet, about both turning into a vampire and marrying Edward. However, Edward insists that he'll only bite her if they're married. The Cullens believe that the Volturi vampire family is behind this plan, but none of the other vampire families want to help the Cullens deal with this army. While hanging out with Jacob, Bella realizes that she wants to marry Edward so she can become a vampire. Jacob professes his love and kisses her, but she punches him in response.


Alice throws a graduation party for Bella. Alice reveals her vision that the vampire army is coming for Bella, so Jacob and Alice decide that the vampires and werewolves team up to fight this army. The two camps train to coordinate their attacks and strategies. Later, Edward proposes to Bella, and she says yes. On the day of the battle, Bella hides out in the woods and Jacob guards her tent with Edward. A snowstorm ensues, and Edward tells Jacob to keep Bella warm. Edward reveals that if she chose Jacob, he'd let her go, but he'd just be waiting around for a chance to win her back.

The Big Battle

The next morning, Jacob leaves to take part in the battle, but overhears Bella and Edward's marriage plans. She apologizes to Jacob and kisses him, realizing that she's in love with Jacob, too. Soon, the vampire Victoria arrives with a friend, Reilly, in an attempt to kill Bella. Edward teams up with another werewolf, Seth, to dispatch both enemy vampires.


Bella faints when she finds that Jacob was hurt during the battle, but wakes up to find him recovering. Jacob vows to wait for an opportunity to win her over. Later, Bella and Edward set the date for their marriage. In the epilogue of "Eclipse," Jacob receives the wedding invitation and runs into the woods in a fit of lycanthropic rage.

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