Summary of "Double Cross" by James Patterson

by Cassandra Pope

Published in 2007, "Double Cross" was the 13th novel by author James Patterson to feature his Detective Alex Cross and became a "New York Times" number one bestseller. Since its publication Patterson has thus far written three further novels following Alex Cross's work, which have also become number one bestsellers.

Alex Cross

Forensic psychologist Alex Cross first appeared in the novel "Along Came a Spider," published in 1993. The character was born in North Carolina but lives in Washington, D.C., where he works as a special consultant to the Major Case Squad. He lives with his second wife, Bree Stone, who works as a detective, and his three children from previous relationships. In the 2001 film version of "Along Came a Spider" the character of Alex Cross was played by Morgan Freeman.

"Double Cross"

In the novel "Double Cross" Alex Cross is required to track down a dangerous killer who carries out his crimes in public and has the entire city waiting in terror of his next move. Meanwhile, in a maximum security prison in Colorado, another criminal mastermind plans to join forces with the Washington killer in order to get his revenge on the man responsible for his incarceration -- Alex Cross.

James Patterson

James Patterson's books have sold an estimated 220 million copies worldwide, and he has had 19 consecutive number one "New York Times" bestselling novels. He is also a highly popular children's writer and has twice been nominated as Children's Choice Book Award "Author of the Year." In 2006 an article in "Time" magazine described him as "the man who can't miss" and described his writing style as "action over style and pace over everything." He resides in Palm Beach, Florida, with his family.

Critical Reception

Despite his popularity, James Patterson has been criticised by critics and other writers for his so-called production line approach to writing. He employs a team of co-writers who assist him in producing up to six novels a year although his collaborators have refused to speak about the extent to which they are responsible for the works.

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