The Summary of Disney's "The 12 Dancing Princesses"

by Kimberly Hurd

Barbie, princess, sisters and dancing -- this combination is a sure-fire hit for any little girl. Disney's "Barbie in The 12 Dancing Princesses" is one of many Barbie movies that focuses on a story of love, family and overcoming challenges all within a fairytale setting full of beautiful Barbie doll-like characters, music and dancing.


"Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses" was released on DVD in September of 2006. It is an 83-minute-long animated film that is a part of Disney's Barbie film series. This film, along with all of the Barbie film series, is a family-friendly movie best suited for children ages 5 and older. Kelly Sheridan stars as the voice of Geneveive, the main character. In most of the Barbie films, Kelly Sheridan provides the voice of Barbie, who takes on the roll of the main character in the story.

Plot Overview

A widowed king needs help teaching his 12 unruly, yet beautiful, daughters how to behave in a more acceptable manner. His cousin, a duchess, comes to help but is a cruel, conniving task-master. The duchess will not allow the princesses to dance, which is their favorite activity; then they discover a magical land where they can dance without her knowledge. The duchess tries to poison the king to death so she can take over his kingdom, but the princesses spoil her evil plot before she succeeds. As all of this drama unfolds, one princess falls in love with a handsome shoemaker.


The main character is Princess Genevieve, one of the oldest princesses who is a lovely dancer and smitten with a local commoner. Genevieve has 11 sisters with the youngest being a set of adorable five-year-old triplets. King Randolph is the father of the 12 girls, and though he still mourns for his wife, he tries to take good care of his daughters. Duchess Rowena is the King's evil cousin who comes to the castle to help teach the princesses proper behavior but has a ominous ulterior motive.


This movie has several good life lessons, such as working together and following your dreams, but there are some darker aspects to the plot that could frighten a young child. The death of the queen and the attempted murder of the king could be scary or might bring up tough questions for a curious little one watching. The entertainment value is high for kids, so the dark side of the movie will probably go right over their heads, but parents should be prepared to answer some questions about touchy subjects. Also, the Computer-Generated Imagery animation of this film is not the highest quality, but not many 5-year-old girls will care one bit about that when they get caught up in the story of a beautiful dancing princess.

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