Summary of the Children's Book "My Five Senses" by Aliki

by Rebecca Mayglothling

"My Five Senses" by Aliki is a book for children all about the five senses. The book is written in simple language that children can understand and read even if they are beginning readers. The book is illustrated by the author, who has written and illustrated many of his own books, as well as illustrating the works of others.

Five Senses

"My Five Senses" gives one sentence for each of the five senses. The first page has two sentences, the first one being, "I can see!" and the second one stating, "I see with my eyes." This simple breakdown of language and concept helps a child gain and maintain interest in the subject as well as connect the act of seeing with the eyes. Short, informative sentences help children understand the concept of senses while keeping their attention and helping them learn.

What Do We Do with Them?

Aliki continues to explain, through short informative sentences, what we do with each sense. The sense of sight is used to see a sister play. Aliki helps children understand that the eyes are used for sight while the nose is used for smell and that we use senses for five different interactions with the world.

How Do They React in the World?

Aliki explains that when we put ice cream on our tongue, we taste the ice cream. When we pat our dog with our hand, we feel our dog. In the final five pages Aliki reviews all five senses and discusses how they are used to interact with the outside world. The boy hears his sister cry with his ears and plays with a ball using another sense.


The illustrations are clear and instructive. When Aliki discusses each sense, there is a picture of a boy pointing to each body part, which helps readers understand that sense. When the boy is interacting with his world using his senses, Aliki draws pictures of the boy's actions. The illustrations accompany the education of the text in the book in a manner that allows children to learn through visual and auditory means.

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