Summary of the Book "George Washington's Socks"

by Rebecca Mayglothling
The Revolutionary War is the setting of

The Revolutionary War is the setting of "George Washington's Socks."

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"George Washington's Socks" by Elvira Woodruff was written in 1997 for young audiences; the book discusses the Revolutionary War using children as the main characters. The events, told from a child's point of view, help children relate to the story and understand what was happening during America's revolution against and subsequent independence from England.

Lake Levart

Lake Levart is a fictional lake near the campsite of a group of friends. Their parents have warned them not to camp on the lake; however, these ominous warnings make the children curious and they walk to the lake at night. The lake, it turns out, is magic, and the children learn its charms when they get into a boat and begin to row.

Revolutionary War

The children are transported to the time of the Revolutionary War, encountering George Washington in a mysterious fog on the lake. Through their travels, they learn about the war including its causes, effects and result. They meet General Washington and become involved with a Revolutionary War camp.

Realities of War

The children learn the realities of war and its human costs; when soldiers do not return from the field, the children learn that war is a dangerous occupation. The children witness firsthand the effects of war on families as other children their age lose fathers. Through a gentle process, the author illustrates how war has negative effects despite its positive outcomes.

Historical Significance

Elvira Woodruff uses historical accuracy to describe the events in the novel, as the story precisely discusses different battles and occurrences of the Revolutionary War.. Children interested in fantasy novels will encounter historical knowledge, and those interested in history will encounter fantasy elements in this cross-genre book.

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