Summary of the Beginning of "Alice in Wonderland"

by Bonnie Wood

"Alice in Wonderland" is a children's book full of whimsy and imaginative characters and stories. Originally titled "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland," the book was written by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, under the pseudonym Lewis Carroll, in 1865. The fantasy novel has remained immensely popular for adults and children for many years. To this day, it inspires stage and film interpretations of Alice's tale in a peculiar dream world where she runs into creatures that play with logic.

Chapter 1

Alice's tale begins on a lovely day while she sits on a riverbank with her sister. Quite bored, she suddenly spies a talking white rabbit with clothes and a pocket watch. She follows him as he goes down a rabbit hole, where she falls and falls, until she reaches a hallway with many locked doors. She finds a tiny key that will open a tiny door, through which she sees a beautiful garden, but she is too small to fit through the door. She sees a bottle that says "Drink Me" and a cake that says "Eat Me," but they either make her too big or too small to get through the door.

Chapter 2

Frustrated about her ever-changing size, Alice cries a river of tears. She swims in her tears and meets a mouse, who is also swimming in the river. Alice tries to chat in a friendly manner with the mouse, but all she talks about is her cat, who catches birds and mice. This offends the mouse.

Chapter 3

Finally, Alice, the mouse and other animals get swept onto a bank, where they wonder how they'll get dry again. The mouse gives a lecture on William the Conqueror. Again, Alice ends up talking about her cat, which frightens the other animals away, and she finds herself alone again, so she picks up her search for the white rabbit.

Chapter 4

Alice catches up with the white rabbit, but he mistakes her for his maid, Mary Ann. He sends Alice into his house to retrieve some gloves and a hat for him. In the rabbit's house, Alice drinks a potion that again makes her huge. Animals gather outside because they see her giant arm and begin throwing rocks at it. The rocks turn into little cakes, which Alice eats and grows small again. From there, Alice continues her whimsical, and often frustrating, journey in this peculiar little world.

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