Summary of "Avatar: Day of the Black Sun"

by Jena Ross

Only a miracle can save Earth, yet as a solar eclipse approaches, a brave hero steps forward. An animated world of color and excitement sets the stage for "Avatar: Day of the Black Sun." All the trimmings of a successful story appear: a problem, a hero and suspense. "Avatar: Day of the Black Sun" is about the Firebenders, who must prepare themselves for the day of the solar eclipse, for it is at that time when they are most vulnerable.

The First Firebenders

The first Firebenders were the Sun Warriors, who learned the art of firebending from the ancient Dragons who use to walk the Earth. Sun Warriors grew to understand that fire elements were powerful tools for sustaining life, not destroying it, as the Fire Nation would later come to do. When the Fire Nation misuses the power of firebending, a war begins on the Earth Kingdom, yet the solar eclipse offers hope.

The Spirit Library in the Desert Oasis

Aang and Appa, Aang's Sky Bison, who can fly because of his Airbending powers, along with Professor Zei, Sokka, Katara and Toph discover a secret in the Spirit Library that will give them an advantage over the Fire Nation that could change the direction of the war and save the Earth Kingdom. Wan Shi Tong, the spirit of the library, reveals that on the day of the eclipse, the Fire Nation will become powerless.

The Day of the Black Sun: Part 1 -- The Invasion

Hakoda, Sokka and Katara's father gather a group of supporters to help with the invasion of the Fire Nation's capital, where they hope to defeat the Fire Lord and win the war. On the dawn of the approaching eclipse, Hakoda and his allies reach the Fire Nation capital, only to discover as the eclipse begins that no Firebenders can be found.

The Day of the Black Sun: Part 2 -- The Eclipse

Aang is determined to find the Fire Lord, Ozai, before the eclipse ends and suspects that he may be hiding in an underground bunker. While Aang and the others search, a surprising twist develops, as Zuko, Ozai's son, confronts him in his bunker chamber. Zuko no longer wishes to live a lie and vows to tell the Earth Kingdom the truth about his father. In response, as the eclipse begins to fade, Ozai tries to kill Zuko with lightning. Zuko flees with the others, as they all escape on Appa, or air balloons, to the Western Air Temple before the Fire Nation's full powers return.

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