A Summary of "Accident" by Danielle Steel

by Gabrielle Nicolet Google

Danielle Steel has sold nearly 600 million copies of her romance novels, with every one of her novels being a bestseller. "Accident" is Steel's 32nd best-selling novel. It is the powerful and tragic story of a family from Marin County, Calif., that is shattered by a single, life-changing moment.


"Accident" is the story of a woman named Page Clarke, who has a loving husband named Brad and two wonderful children, Allyson, who is 15, and Andy, who is 7. She has the seemingly perfect life, living in a plush town in the suburbs of San Francisco with her happy family. However, her entire world is shattered when a series of bad events take place, starting with a tragic accident involving Allyson.

The Accident

Allyson sneaks out with a friend to meet two older boys. The four, in a borrowed car, end up in head-on collision. One of the boys is killed. Allyson's friend, Chloe, is seriously injured and Allyson ends up in a coma. Page tries to reach her husband, Brad, but is unable to because he left suddenly for a last-minute business trip. When he does return home, he tells Page that he is having an affair.

Plot Twists

Shocked and overwhelmed at the events in her life, Page turns to Chloe's father, Trygve, for support. Trygve is a divorced single father and a particularly caring and likable character. Other plot twists include visits from Page's neurotic family members and details about the driver of the other car in Allyson's accident. Many questions are raised regarding the accident, including whether the teenagers were drinking and driving and who was at fault. Page torments herself wondering if Allyson will survive.


Page is forced to confront the fact that she may have to move on with her life without her husband and daughter. She is tortured by the car accident and her husband's infidelity, but still needs to care for Andy. She is forced to confront the idea that her life will never be the same again. The novel "Accident" focuses on how so many lives can be affected by one tragic event and how people survive such devastating circumstances.

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