Suggestions for a Retirement Party Invitation

by Erin Schreiner Google

Invite friends and family to celebrate an individual's exit from the workforce with creative and thematically appropriate retirement party invitations. When crafting your invites, celebrate the success of the individual you all care for as he reaches this milestone and poke some fun at him at the same time. By creating an invite that does both of these things, you can set the scene for an enjoyable retirement event.

Prescription Bottle

Give a playful nod to your now-older retiree's need to load up on pills by modeling your invitation after a prescription bottle. Create a bottle cutout and write your party information on the label, making the prescription for "fun" or "rest and relaxation." To make an invitation of this type that is even more creative, save prescription bottles and create adhesive labels with the information, filling them with mints or other pill-like candies.

Trip Ticket

For many, retiring means hitting the road and following through with travel desires that may have previously been just dreams. Reflect your retiree's desire to travel extensively after retirement by creating a trip ticket invitation. Model your invite after a plane ticket, printing it on cardstock to give it the same weight as a ticket of this type. Make the boarding pass section of the ticket your RSVP, asking guests to cut it off and mail it back to tell you whether they will be attending.

Then-and-Now Photo Invite

Show your invitees just how much time has changed by creating a then-and-now photo invitation. Select a photo of your retiree when she first entered the workforce, as well as a current photo. Place these images side by side, dating them for reference. Use copies of the paired images as your card front, placing the invitation information on the reverse.

Top 10 List

Celebrate your retiree's quirks by creating a "Top 10 List" invitation. Put your creativity to the test and craft a list with your retiree as the subject. Make the list "The Top 10 Reasons Bill is Glad to Retire" or "The Top 10 Reasons We Are Sad to See Bill Go." Include as many playful and humorous reasons in your list as you can, making it a laugh-inducing one. For example, you could say that you are sad to see him go because "He is the only one who knows how to change the toner." Place this list on the front of your invitation card, with the details of the event you are planning on the interior.