Suggested Wording for Housewarming Invitations

by Kyra Sheahan
Throw a housewarming party for friends to see your new place.

Throw a housewarming party for friends to see your new place.

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Whether you are a first time homebuyer or are on your second or third home, moving into your new place is an exciting time that calls for celebration. Rather than inviting friends and relatives over one at a time to see your home, throw a housewarming party so that everyone can get together at once. Send out invitations for your housewarming party so that prospective guests know the details and have your new address on hand.

Invitation Heading

Come up with a heading for your invitation that gives away that this is an invite for a housewarming party. You could write something like, "We moved!" "Here's to our new home!" or "The Rogers family has moved again!"

Something Creative

Personalize your housewarming party invitation with a creative sentence. You might word it like "Come sit on boxes with us as we celebrate with pizza and wine," or "Now that the window treatments are up, we'd love for you to see our place!" If you are the rhyming type, write a simple poem, such as "One box, two box, three box, four...let's have a pizza party on our new floor!"


Include the specific details of your housewarming party to prospective guests. Tell them the date and time of your party, along with your new home location. When writing your home address on the invitations, make it clear that this is the new address. This can be accomplished by simply writing, "The new address for the Rogers is..." before the address.

Party Plans

Let your invitees know what to expect by detailing some of the party plans in your invitation. At the bottom of your invitation card, write a sentence like "Please join us for a tour, followed by food and games," or "Take a tour and then a dip in our new pool."

Response Information

Unless you are having an open house housewarming party for guests to wander in and out at any time, let your invitees know when you want them to confirm their response by. Provide a specific date, along with who they should contact and the contact's telephone number.

Additional Instructions

It is customary to bring housewarming gifts to a housewarming party. If you are opposed to this, say so in your invitation. At the bottom, write, "Please, no gifts. We have enough stuff!" or "While we appreciate your generosity, please do not feel obligated to bring a gift."

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