Stuff to Do at a Birthday Party

by Althea Thompson
Make your child's birthday party a memorable occasion.

Make your child's birthday party a memorable occasion.

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Birthday parties have cake, presents galore and smiling family and friends. This celebration marks another year of life for children, adults and those somewhere in between. But what makes a birthday party truly successful are the activities you use to set the tone and atmosphere. Activities keep the guests involved and help make the day one that the guest of honor and friends will never forget.


Party games keep guests entertained and create memories. Pin the Tail on the Donkey and Musical Chairs are traditional party games for any age group. They are challenging, yet engaging for party goers. A lesser-known party game is a Cake-Walk. Place index cards with numbers in a circle on the ground. Have each participant stand on a number. Play festive party music while guests walk around the circle from number to number. Draw a number from a hat, and then stop the music. The person who is standing on that number, wins a slice of cake. You can have several uniquely flavored slices of cake prepared for the winners, or even cupcakes will do.


Children and adults enjoy music and dancing at birthday parties. An open dance floor or organized dances keep guests entertained. An open dance floor allows party guests to dance to the beat of their own drum. Play popular, age-appropriate music that gets guests up and moving. Some organized dances may include the electric slide, the cha-cha slide or the conga line. Organized dances get everyone involved in synchronized moves for a memorable party. A flash mob is a pre-planned choreographed dance that everyone takes part in, and you can spend your party teaching everyone their own parts.


Crafts are useful birthday party ideas for young children. If the birthday party has a theme, encourage children to create crafts that coincide with that theme. For example, a fairytale birthday party allows for children to create their own fairytale costumes. Kids can make crowns, capes or magic wands. Organize the craft activity early in the party so children can display their creation for the rest of the day. For another party craft, take a picture of each child with a digital camera, and print it. Have the children make a picture frame with craft sticks and decorate around the frame with sprinkles and other decorative crafts so they remember the day.


Create a birthday party theme to use throughout the celebration. A Hawaiian party theme includes a luau with tropical decorations and tropical music. You can hire a professional dancer to teach guests traditional Hawaiian dances. Guests can also create their own grass skirts to dance in. A casino night theme includes card table games or slot machines for guests to enjoy. You can hold the event at a real casino or make an imitation casino at home.

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