The Strawberries Festivals in New Jersey

by Clayton Yuetter

Locals and visitors alike look forward to the strawberry festivals that pop up in small towns all over New Jersey during the summer. They range from the well-known West Cape May Strawberry Festival, that brings in visitors from all over the country, to more intimate, local festivals found in small towns.

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West Cape May Strawberry Festival

The West Cape May Business Association sponsors the annual Strawberry Festival in Wilbraham Park, New Jersey. The festival is one day, devoted to featuring the South Jersey strawberry. The event includes entertainment, games, crafts and plenty of strawberry-filled food. At the end of the day a new Strawberry King and Strawberry Queen will begin their coveted reign. The festival is held on the first Saturday in June but will occur the next day in the event it gets rained out.

Alstede Farms Strawberry Harvest Festival

Some strawberry festivals are held at strawberry farms, where visitors can pick their own strawberries before, during or after the festival. Since the growing season for strawberries generally only lasts two to three weeks, producers, such as Alstede Farms, hold their own festival to celebrate. The Strawberry Harvest Festival occurs in June and offers scenic hay wagon rides through the patches, as well as strawberry treats, such as shortcake and milkshakes.

Moorestown Presbyterian Church Strawberry Festival

Small, local strawberry festivals in New Jersey provide a warm, welcoming experience for the visitor, as well as give the nearby residents something to look forward to. The Moorestown Presbyterian Church Strawberry Festival is one such event. Occurring toward the beginning of June, the church sponsors a one day event that includes some of the best food in the area made with strawberries, as well local bands and games for children.

Millburn School District Elementary School Strawberry Festival

The Millburn School District Elementary School Strawberry Festival is unique because it is put on by the elementary students from the five townships in the Millburn school district. Parents and educators volunteer to keep alive the tradition that has been going on for many decades, while children enjoy the rides, games and great food. The strawberries and cream is locally famous at the festival and won't soon be forgotten by any visitors.

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