What is the Storyline of the Movie "The Silver Brumby"?

by Valerie Taylor
Russell Crowe stars in this family drama.

Russell Crowe stars in this family drama.

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"The Silver Brumby" is a 1993 film adaption of Elyne Mitchell's novel for children. The American version of the film is titled "The Silver Stallion: King of the Wild Brumbies" to accommodate an audience unfamiliar with the Australian term "brumby," which means "wild horse." The film is a 90-minute, family-friendly dramatization based on the life of a legendary stallion that lived in the mountain ranges of Australia.

One Stormy Night

Caroline Goodall plays Elyne, a silver-tongued storyteller who weaves a bedtime tale to calm her daughter, Indi, while she is frightened during a raging spring storm. Elyne begins to record the story on her typewriter at night while Indi anxiously waits to hear the rest of the story. While mother and daughter explore the forested outback and rescue an injured kangaroo, their appreciation for all things natural and free becomes a main theme of the movie.

The Birth of a Prince

Thowra's life begins with his birth during a dark storm, just like the storm Indi and her mother experience. The pale-shaded colt was sired by Yarraman, a stallion that dominates over every wild herd living in the cascades. As he survives the harsh winters, Thowra grows into a strong young stallion, but is not mighty enough to assist his sire in a battle with a rival horse. Still young, Thowra is forced to form his own herd by stealing mares from other stallions.

The Golden Mare

Russell Crowe starts as the unnamed horse wrangler who returns to the Cascades to catch and tame the wild herds that run free in the mountains. The struggle between man and horse becomes personal when Crowe is first prevented from capturing Thowra by the colt's protective and majestic mother and then later when Thowra steals the man's tame golden mare as his mate. The following Spring, Crowe's mare returns to her owner to give birth to a foal, but the stallion returns to claim his mate and her offspring by summoning lightening to break open her pen.

The Legend Begins

As the man returns to the mountains a final time to collect his stolen mare, Thowra anticipates his return and separates his mare and the filly in order to protect them from capture. The movie climaxes with a long, drawn-out chase in which the stallion finally jumps from a soaring cliff because he prefers death to imprisonment. Despite his tragic end, Elyne and Indi believe they can hear the silver brumby whinny from somewhere in the wild outback.

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