How to Store a Dirt Bike in Hot Summer Conditions

by Mike Johnson
Your dirt bike will last longer with proper storage.

Your dirt bike will last longer with proper storage.

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A dirt bike is very similar to a motorcycle. The main difference is that you're much more likely to beat up your dirt bike on rough terrain and uneven road and paths than you are a motorcycle. Because your dirt bike receives so much abuse, it's even more important to give it proper care. Part of this care is knowing how to store your dirt bike in all conditions, including during the hot summer months of the year.

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  • Motorcycle cover
Step 1

Leave your dirt bike on a flat surface. After a rough day on the terrain, store your dirt bike on a hard, flat area, such as your garage floor. Make sure the floor is also even so that your dirt bike is not sitting askew.

Step 2

Cover the floor where you're going to store your dirt bike with a motorcycle cover. This type of cover prevents moisture, which might build up on the ground during times of high humidity, from damaging your dirt bike.

Step 3

Check your storage areas during all times of the day to ensure that no direct sunlight is on your bike. If there is direct sunlight on it, either move the dirt bike or add window coverings to block the sunlight.

Step 4

Store the battery of your dirt bike on a wooden surface if you choose to remove it from your dirt bike during longer periods of storage. The battery should never be touching concrete or metal, only a wood surface that is nonconductive.

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