Steps to the Fat Sally Line Dance

by Michael Monet

A country band by the name of The Rednex has a song called "Fat Sally Lee." A line dance was choreographed to complement the song and is referred to as The Fat Sally or The Fat Sally Lee. When this song comes on in a country western club, the knowing get up and perform the steps. Once you practice at home for a few days, you'll be able to get up there and dance, too.


The Fat Sally line dance has whole counts and half counts. A whole count is represented by a number, and a half count is represented by the "&" symbol because, when counting out the dance, the dancer says "1&2&3&4&..." up to the count of eight before starting back at one. When a number or an "&" is stated, a move is performed on that counted. When a breath is taken, there is a break in moves, giving the dancer a chance to either draw out the previous move or wait until the next move.

First 4 Count

For the first four counts, begin by counting "&1." On "&1," step your right foot out to the right side, then step left behind right. On "&2" step right foot out to right side, then step your left behind your right. On "&3&4" repeat by stepping right to right side then left behind right, then step right to right side and tap your left heel forward at a 45-degree angle to the left side of your body.

Second 4 Count

Repeat the first four counts on the opposite, or left side, of the body. Count "&5&6&7&8." Step left foot to left side then right behind left. Step left to left side, step right behind left again, then step left to left side and right behind left a third and final time. For "&8" step left to left side then tap right heel forward at a 45-degree angle to the right side.

Third 4 Count

Step your right foot to the right side and step your left behind the right, counting "&1." Count "&2" stepping right to right side, then tapping left heel forward at 45 degrees. Step left to left side and step right behind left on "&3." Step left to left side and tap the right heel forward at 45 degrees on "&4."

Fourth 4 Count

On "&5" step straight back on your right foot, then tap your left heel forward at 45 degrees. On "&6" step back on your left foot and tap your right heel forward at 45 degrees. Repeat these steps once more on "&6&7."


Start counting in whole counts to finish the dance, such as "1-2-3-4" verses "1&2&3&4." Count "1-2" and tap your toe behind your body twice and in front of your body twice. Count "3-4" and cross your left over your right shin, kick your right foot at a 45-degree angle to the front of your body, jump your feet together, then kick left at 45 degrees. Tap left toe behind twice, left heel in front twice, cross left foot over right shin, kick left at a 45-degree angle, jump feet together and kick out right at 45 degrees. Jump out onto both feet; kick left; jump out onto both feet; kick right. Stomp right foot to the right, stomp left foot to the left, then bump your hips twice to the right. Finish up by holding the brim of your hat with the left hand, tap your heel and nod your head four times while make a quarter turn to your left. Take a stance with your weight on your left leg and slap the right knee forward four times hitting the inside, outside, inside and outside of your knee. Start again at the top until the song is done.

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