What Are the Steps to the Electric Slide Dance?

by Kimberly Turtenwald
Line dancing offers large groups the opportunity to dance together.

Line dancing offers large groups the opportunity to dance together.

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The Electric Slide is a country line dance that was first created by Ric Silver in 1976 and was originally intended to be used with the song "Electric Boogie" by Marcia Griffiths. This dance is often used at weddings to get guests up and moving. The steps to the Electric Slide work well with most country songs and are easy for beginners to learn.


The first steps in the Electric Slide are collectively called a grapevine. Many different line dances use grapevines as their base steps. To perform a grapevine, first step to the right with your right foot. Step behind your right foot with your left. Take another step with your right foot. Then tap your left foot next to your right foot as you clap. After a right grapevine, repeat the steps to the left. Step with your left foot to your left. Cross your right foot behind your left. Step again with the left foot. Then tap your right foot next to your left while you clap.

Walk Back

Once you have completed your right and left grapevines, the Electric Slide requires you to move backward through the next set of steps. Step backward with your right foot. Take another step back with your left foot. Then take a third step back with your right foot. Shift your weight onto your right foot and tap your left foot next to your right foot and clap at the same time. This move sets you up for the next set of steps.

Step and Touch

The next few steps for the Electric Slide keep you in one place rather than moving around the floor. Step forward on your left foot and tap your right toe against your left heel while you lean forward and snap your fingers once. Step back on your right foot and tap your left toe against your right toe as you lean back and clap. Repeat each of these steps one more time each, which leads into your final step.


After you complete your four steps and touches, it is time to make your turn so you can repeat the process in a different direction. Take a slight step forward on your left foot, swing your right foot around and hop slightly to turn your body a quarter turn to your right. You are now facing a new direction and all of the steps repeat while facing the new direction. Repeat all of the steps, continually turning counter-clockwise until the song has ended.

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