How to Start a Whip Stitch in Crocheting

by Alexis Rohlin

A whip stitch is used to sew or join crocheted rows or the loops of the crochet stitches of two pieces of crocheting together and make a seam. Whip-stitching yarn can make a decorative seam when a different colored yarn is used to sew them together. The whip stitch makes a raised ridge on the right side of the sewn together crocheted pieces. Start a whip-stitch in your crocheting to sew a garment or blanket together.

Items you will need

  • Yarn
  • Yarn needle
  • Scissors
Step 1

Thread a yarn needle with the color yarn that you want the connecting stitch to be. Tie the end of the yarn to the bottom left hand corner of the right hand crocheted piece with a simple knot.

Step 2

Hold the two crocheted pieces together and align the stitches. Insert the yarn needle through the front and back loops of the crochet stitch on the left piece, bottom right hand corner. Pull the yarn through.

Step 3

Insert the yarn needle through the front and back loops of the next crochet stitch up from the bottom left hand corner on the right piece and through the adjacent front and back loops of the parallel stitch on the left crocheted piece and pull it through to complete the first whip stitch.

Step 4

Continue whip stitching the crocheted pieces together until you reach the top of the seam you are making. Tie off the yarn as you did previously. Trim the yarn and tuck the knot up into the loops of the first crocheted stitch that it is near.