How to Start a Teen Band

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Starting a teen band can be a lot of fun but it's not without some work.

Starting a teen band can be a lot of fun but it's not without some work.

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So you are young, pretty, popular and up to date with all the current trends -- sure you're not in a teen band already? Regardless, if you're any of those things, anyone can get a teen band together. With a bit of perseverance and organization and an inclination toward music, you may very well be the next Justin Bieber. 

Step 1

Put up flyers advertising your desire to start a band. Be descriptive in exactly what you are looking for, such as a drummer or bass player, and what qualities the ideal candidate should have, such as classically trained or a huge fan of punk. 

Step 2

Set up a location to write and rehearse your songs, such as your parent's garage or a friend's basement. 

Step 3

Collaborate on a song that targets your demographic, which is people your age. The best advice is to just write about what you know. 

Step 4

Set up a recording studio. You will need, at bare minimum, a computer with an editing program (such as Adobe Audition) and a microphone. As you expand and improve, begin filling your studio with more professional equipment such as multi-track recorders, mixers, condenser microphones, samplers, pre-amps and a sound-proof booth. 

Step 5

Record a demo. Put your best song first and make sure the songs you choose represent the image you want for your band. 

Step 6

Hire a graphic designer to create a logo for your band. You can find graphic designers online, or may even know someone willing to do it for free. 

Step 7

Book gigs at local teen hangouts and play at parties. Pass your demo out for free to spread the word of your new teen band. 

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