How to Start Your Own Hip Hop Competition Team

by Kyra Sheahan

Hip hop is a contemporary style of dance that is performed to street music with hard or funky beats. The moves move quickly in hip hop, with the dancers' bodies flowing into a fast series of choreographed steps, sometimes with breakdancing moves thrown in. Hip hop dance groups can compete against one another to show off their skills. If you are a hip hop dancer or choreographer and are interested in starting your own hip hop competition team, select talented dancers who will help your group make it to the top.

Step 1

Recruit your talent. Advertise for your new hip hop competition team and let the community, colleges or high schools know that you are looking for fresh talent to join your group and win competitions. Post fliers at dance schools and academies, too.

Step 2

Hold auditions. Establish your audition requirements. For instance, your requirements might be that the dancer must have his music cued, dance for one minute or three minutes and use at least one breakdance move in the routine.

Step 3

Select your dancers. Hip hop competition teams have multiple dancers per group. Decide how large you want your team to be based on the talent. You can have a successful hip hop group with only four dancers, or a successful hip hop group with eight dancers. Once you have a group, pick a name for the team.

Step 4

Design the choreography as a team and start rehearsing your routine. Rehearse anyplace you can, such as parks, someone's garage, a private studio or on the basketball courts outside.

Step 5

Select a competition. Read the guidelines and rules about applying for the competition and participating it in if you are selected to compete. You may need to send in a video sample of your routine to the company hosting the competition. Once you are selected to compete, it is important to understand the expectations the competition has for its competitors. You might have specific costume guidelines, music regulations and time limits on the routine.

Step 6

Plan and prepare your costumes. You can dress in something formal, such as all black jumpsuits with sequin trim that sparkles as you move, or you can wear casual costumes of faded jeans, white T-shirts and hats. Some hip hop teams wear masks while they perform.

Step 7

Conduct multiple dress rehearsals. Dancing to your hip hop routine in your costume may feel different than practicing in your sweatpants. Dress rehearsals prepare you so there are no wardrobe surprises or difficulties the day of your competition.

Step 8

Create a buzz and following for your hip hop group. Perform your routine in front of public audiences, upload videos of your team onto social networking sites and get people excited about seeing your team compete. Having audiences to back you helps develop your reputation.

Tips & Warnings

  • You might need to raise money through fundraisers to pay for your team's costumes and entrance fee for the competition.

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