How to Start a Gas Service With Dominion in East Ohio

by Teri Silver
Contact the gas company to set up service in your home.

Contact the gas company to set up service in your home.

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If you are moving into a new home or business in Ohio, turning the utilities on is the first step. Dominion East Ohio is part of the Dominion brand, which provides natural gas and electrical services to many northeastern and some northwestern counties of the Buckeye state. You can request a new utility service, transfer one from a previous or current address and disconnect natural gas transmission to a home or business.

Items you will need

  • Identification
  • Security deposit (determined by the company)
  • Email address, PIN, account number (if registering online for a personal account management)
Step 1

Contact the Dominion East Ohio Gas Company at 800-362-7557. The company recommends setting up your request at least business seven days before you want gas service turned on. Service is offered Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to midnight; four-hour time slots are available for customers who want to schedule an appointment. An adult (the property owner or representative) must escort the gas company employee inside the building.

Step 2

Pay any required fees upfront. You may be required to provide a security deposit, depending on your credit history. The company may charge a fee if you want to turn gas service back on at a particular location where the account, in your name, was once active but later closed.

Step 3

Turn the electricity on in the home or business. After the gas is turned on from inside the building, the serviceman must light at least one appliance, such as a stove, hot water heater, furnace or fireplace.

Step 4

Provide safe access to the gas meter. If an outside meter is hidden by trees, shrubbery or fences, or if there are animals nearby, the utility company employee may not be able to turn on the gas. Employees will only enter the inside of a property when accompanied by the homeowner. If the unit is outside and free from obstruction, the gas company employee will be able to turn on the meter without the homeowner present.

Tips & Warnings

  • Contact the company at least seven business days prior if you want to stop gas service at a particular property. To turn on the gas, an adult must be available to accompany the gas company employee into the building. The serviceman can read an outside meter without the homeowner present if the gas is already turned on.
  • Security deposits will be returned if there is credit on them; you may be charged for damages or other services as deemed by the company.
  • East Ohio Dominion offers an options program for users to choose their energy source from competing natural gas suppliers. The company has fee structures for residential and business customers based on how much natural gas is used per month, energy share and assistance programs.
  • Customers who manage their accounts online at Dominion's website can view, change or cancel service and pay bills.
  • Dominion East Ohio employees carry identification; always asked to see it before allowing anyone in your home.

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