How to Start a Crochet Circle

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To crochet a flower; start off with a circle.

To crochet a flower; start off with a circle.

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Crochet circles are the foundation of common crochet shapes and patterns such as circles, squares and stars. There is more than one way to create a crochet circle. In order to choose the correct starting circle for your pattern, you must decide if you want the circle to be open in the center. Once you make this decision, you can proceed with creating a crochet circle.

Items you will need

  • Crochet hook
  • Yarn
  • Scissors

Magic Circle Method

Step 1

Wrap the yarn around your thumb and index finger twice to make a loose loop.

Step 2

Yarn over the crochet hook. Put the hook through the loop, yarn over again and pull the hook up through the circle. There should be two loops on the hook at this point.

Step 3

Yarn over, creating a third loop on the hook and pull through all of the loops. This will leave a single loop on the hook after you it pull through.

Step 4

Continue to yarn over, put the hook through the circle and yarn over again, bring the hook back up through the circle, yarn over a third time and pull through two loops, leaving one loop on the hook. Repeat this two more times.

Step 5

Connect to the first stitch with a slip stitch. Gently pull the tail of the work to close the circle.

Joined Chain Stitch Method

Step 1

Attach the yarn to the crochet hook with a slip knot. Create a length of chain stitches that is one stitch longer than the pattern requires. For example if the pattern calls for six single crochet in the circle, you should make a chain of seven stitches.

Step 2

Slip stitch through the first chain stitch you made. This is the furthest chain stitch from the hook.

Step 3

To start the circle pattern; chain one, put the hook through the circle, yarn over and bring the hook back through the circle. Yarn over again and pull through all of the stitches on the hook, leaving a single loop on the hook. This becomes the first stitch of the pattern.

Tips & Warnings

  • The magic loop method allows you to completely close the opening of the starting circle.
  • The joined chain stitch method is easier for a beginner.This method will leave an open circle in the center of the crocheted piece.


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