How to Start a Conversation With a Girl at a Party

by Luke Arthur

When you're at a party and you see a girl from across the room, you may badly want to start a conversation with her, but feel lost at the same time. Coming up with the courage to approach and then knowing what to say can be difficult if you do not have the experience. Although this scenario can be intimidating, anyone can do it with a bit of courage. A little preparation before you approach can help get the conversation flowing.

Step 1

Believe in yourself when approaching the girl. One problem some men have is that they think about the embarrassment that comes with trying to start a conversation with someone who does not want to talk to them. Regardless of how charming you are, some girls just will not be interested. Think of it as a numbers game and do not worry about the possibility of rejection. Even if you are rejected, it will help you realize that it's not so bad.

Step 2

Spend some time observing the girl before you approach. Try not to make it obvious, as if you are staring. Just try to get a feel for her personality and look for things that you could talk with her about. For example, if you see her wearing a shirt with a specific college logo on it, you now have something to talk about once you approach.

Step 3

Approach with confidence and a smile. Almost any conversation can work if delivered confidently. The girl will pick up on this confidence and perhaps appreciate it. Try to remain confident in yourself throughout the process.

Step 4

Begin the conversation with the topic that you came up with earlier when you first noticed the girl. After breaking the ice, ask her questions to get the conversation going. At that point, you might be able to tell if this girl is someone you enjoy talking to or if you are not compatible.

Tips & Warnings

  • Avoid using cheesy pickup lines when approaching a girl except if you say them in an obviously joking manner. This typically should only be used if you can tell that the girl appreciates humor.

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