How to Start a Chain Reaction Game

by Mary Sharp
Start a new dance craze with a chain reaction game.

Start a new dance craze with a chain reaction game.

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There are several fun party games that exhibit a "chain reaction," meaning that one person performs an action and then the other players begin to do the same thing. One of these chain reaction games involves music, dancing, and careful observation. People of all ages will enjoy playing this active, silly game where one player starts a dance craze while everyone else follows along.

Items you will need

  • Spacious room
  • 5+ players
  • CD Player
  • Dance music CDs
Step 1

Have all the players gather together in a large, spacious room.

Step 2

Choose one player to be "it." He then leaves the room.

Step 3

Once the "it" has left the room, choose one player to be "the dance leader."

Step 4

Start the music on the CD player.

Step 5

The "dance leader" then chooses (or makes up) a silly dance move and begins to dance.

Step 6

Everyone else in the room must watch closely and dance just like the "dance leader" is dancing, following each move.

Step 7

Call the "it" back into the room once everyone has started dancing.

Step 8

The "it" inspects the dancers carefully and tries to determine who is the leader. If he guesses right, then the "dance leader" is the next "it." If he guesses wrong, he is "it" again.

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