Star of David Craft

by Jen Kim

The hebrew Star of David is a significant symbol, which represents Jewish culture and religion. The unique shape, called a hexagram, is comprised of two intersecting and opposing triangles. Create your own craft stars to celebrate holidays or to learn more about judaism. Stars of David make pretty decorations and ornaments.

Popsicle Stick Star of David

Use Popsicle sticks to create a simple, child-friendly Star of David. You'll need six Popsicle sticks and glue. Paint the Popsicle sticks the desired color. Take three sticks to create an equilateral triangle. Repeat with the other three sticks. Intersect the triangles so that the triangle points are opposite one another and equally spaced. Glue into place. Tie a ribbon through one of the points to hang.

Aluminum Star of David

Recycle an old pie tin to make a shiny Star of David. Draw a hexagram on the bottom of the pie tin. Cut out with a sharp knife or scissors. Make a hole punch at the top of the star point for hanging. Use a nail to punch in designs or pattern into the body of the star. Tie a ribbon through the hole and hang.

Star of David Pipe Cleaner

Use blue pipe cleaners to make a simple Star of David. Cut two identical lengths of pipe cleaner. Fold each length into a triangle. Set the triangles so that their points are opposite each other. One triangle should be at the top and the other at the bottom. Weave the triangle sides into each other to secure into place. Twist the open ends of the pipe cleaners to close.

Star Napkin Holder

A Star of David napkin holder is a festive craft for any special gathering. You'll need small craft sticks, paint, glitter or sequins and tacky glue. Paint and decorate the craft sticks. Take three sticks and glue into a triangle shape. Repeat and make another triangle. Stack the triangles so that one the points are facing in opposite directions. Roll up a napkin and stick it through the middle area. It should be a snug fit. Dab glue onto the sticks so they stick together. Let dry.

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