Stamped Card Ideas for a Bridal Shower

by Samantha Kemp
Have an elegant bridal shower with stamped invitations.

Have an elegant bridal shower with stamped invitations.

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As a bridesmaid or maid of honor, your to-do list never seems to stop growing. Bridal shower invitations give you an opportunity to celebrate the bride and infuse your own creativity into an elegant invitation. Stamped images help you reduce the cost of your DIY cards while adding a personal touch. Backgrounds, borders, images and resist effects are all possibilities with stamped bridal shower cards.


Use a combination of stamps and punches to make borders on your bridal shower cards. Use a border punch to get a curved image for your border. Stamp a small image like a dot, square or triangle at the top of the border to give it color. Punch out hearts and stamp different textures and designs on each heart. String the hearts together on the bottom or side of the page. Letters with the bride and groom's names are another option to add as a border to your cards.

Resist Image

Make your stamp a creative image that decorates the background of your bridal shower cards with a resist effect. This effect makes the stamp white on a colored background. Place your stamp in a pad of clear embossing ink, apply to the card and add embossing powder to the image. Stamp your image on the card as many times as you like. Images that work with this effect include flowers, hearts, letters or other repetitive designs. Heat-set the embossing powder and let it dry. You can also use a paintbrush to color dye around the image or dip a cut out of the image in dye to add color to it.

Vintage Image

Combine an old paper from a book and a large vintage image. Tear out a page from an old book. You can also distress a newer page by stamping the edges with black ink. Your card stock for your background, mat for your stamp and inside page should be a muted color, such as sage, gold or gray. Add the distressed paper on top of the card stock and the mat for the stamp on top of the distressed paper. The stamp should be a vintage image such as a housewife cleaning or a bride and groom hand in hand. Write your message on the inside of the card.


Rather than buying expensive patterned paper, use your stamps on a plain piece of colored card stock. Stamp circles, polka dots, flowers, hearts or an image of a bride all over your background with even spacing. Stamp pads or paint on top of a stamp are two methods that you can use to apply the stamps to your background.

Masked Words

Use a masking technique for a romantic card. Stamp an image onto the middle of your card. Cover the image and add a larger stamp that contains phrases like "Love," "Marriage" and "Forever" over the middle and surrounding area. Stamp as many times as you would like, but be sure the first image stays covered until you are finished stamping. Remove the cover to have your original image as the foreground and the words in the background.

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