Stagecoach Trails in Yucca, Arizona

by Tara Cantore
Stagecoach Trails is a quality vacation getaway.

Stagecoach Trails is a quality vacation getaway.

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Stagecoach Trails, a dude ranch in Yucca, Arizona, provides quality vacation entertainment for travelers looking for old-fashioned fun. The ranch, run by Dan and Carrie Rynders and their family, offers the perfect vacation getaway for individuals, couples and entire families. The ranch has a variety of family-oriented activities that provide guests with hours of old western-style entertainment. Stagecoach Trails plans a host of activities for all of its guests throughout the year, with some activities being seasonal due to the Arizona climate.


Dude ranches, also referred to as guest ranches, began showing up during the late 1800s, when the desire to learn about life in the Old West gained popularity. Dude ranches provide a glimpse into daily life on a working horse or cow ranch. The Stagecoach Trails guest ranch opened its doors during December of 2000, offering a host of activities and modern-day amenities to guests. The idea behind the ranch was to provide an exciting, unique vacation experience, which still holds true today.


Stagecoach Trails offers relatively new, expansive accommodations. The furnishings and design of the ranch merge modern function and style with an Old West atmosphere. The Stagecoach Trails ranch offers 10 guest rooms for individuals and couples and two family lodgings for visitors planning a family getaway. The family quarters include a living area, two full baths and two separate bedrooms. Each family home has a beautiful fireplace for a down-home atmosphere. Stagecoach Trails' family lodgings provide room enough to hold four to eight individuals comfortably, allowing large families to visit and enjoy the fun. Rooms feature either one queen-size bed or two double beds; if more room is needed, the ranch offers rollaway beds for additional sleeping accommodations.

Other Activities

Although horseback riding at Stagecoach Trails is certainly one of the most popular daily events at the ranch, there are many more activities for guests to take part in, suiting a wide range of interests. The dude ranch offers various activities and amenities, such as basketball, ping-pong, horseshoes, numerous board games and a pool.


The Stagecoach Trails Ranch provides homemade, buffet-style dining, three times a day. The ranch also sells snacks and beverages in the lodge for those who choose not to bring their own refreshments. Besides great buffet dining in the dining area, the ranch also provides a western-decorated saloon located in the Frontier Lodge. The saloon offers a friendly, welcoming atmosphere; however, guests must supply their own alcohol, as the ranch does not hold a liquor license.

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