How to Stabilize on a Wakeboard

by Paul Ramone

Wakeboarding is a fun water sport that people of all ages can enjoy. For beginners getting into the sport, however, the process can be intimidating. Especially on the first few tries, keeping your balance and enjoying the ride can be a difficult prospect. Fortunately, with the right mind-set and proper technique, you can keep your body stabilized and maybe even try a few tricks.

Step 1

Tighten your core. Keeping your core tight while wakeboarding will keep your body in line and balanced. A loose core can contribute to your feet getting out from under your body.

Step 2

Extend your arms fully while holding the tow rope. If you keep your hands tight into your body, you easily can be thrown if the boat throttles up suddenly. Allowing your arms to extend out loosely will eliminate the chances of losing your balance from a sudden jerk of the rope.

Step 3

Position the handle of the tow rope in front of your front-facing hip. Keeping the handle out to the left or right of your hip will cause you to quickly lose balance.

Step 4

Transfer about 70 percent of your weight onto your back foot once you are up out of the water. This will cause the front of the board to pop up slightly and ride the water. If you put too much weight forward in your stance, you're more likely to lose balance and topple in that direction.


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