Sprinkle Baby Shower Ideas for a Fifth Baby

by Kimberly Turtenwald

A baby shower is thrown for a first baby and not for subsequent little ones, according to baby shower tradition. But what if friends want to fete an expectant mother in a smaller manner? Try throwing a sprinkle. A sprinkle is a small baby shower that can help parents, even those on their fifth child, get everything they need. While the parents likely have all of the basic needs covered for each baby after their first, consumable items are always in need.


The theme for a sprinkle can be similar to that of a traditional first baby shower. Ask the mom-to-be for her nursery theme or her preferred theme. If she doesn't have one, select your own theme; avoid one used to welcome one of her other children. Include sprinkles on the cake and sprinkle the table with confetti to enhance the sprinkle theme.

Guest List

A sprinkle is a less formal event than a baby shower and should be treated as a small, but important, affair. Invite only close friends and family to the sprinkle. If the mom-to-be has newer friends who were not present for the birth of her other children, invite them as well. The key is to keep the party small and intimate.


If you are throwing a sprinkle for the mom-to-be, it is important to relay that to your guests. You may choose typical baby shower invitations, but make sure you indicate that the shower is really only a sprinkle. Use wording that reflects that the couple is expecting their fifth child and few items are needed. Focus on the fact that this is a celebration of the new baby rather than a solicitation for gifts. While you should never specifically ask for gifts, most people do bring one.


Parents are generally able to reuse their larger baby items, such as cribs, car seats and high chairs, unless their babies are too close together. Therefore, parents on their fifth baby likely need fewer, lower-ticket items. If all of their previous children have been the same gender and this baby is a different gender, purchase clothes for the new baby. Otherwise, items such as diapers, diaper rash cream, wipes, baby wash and books make good gifts for a sprinkle. In most cases, the parents will not register for a fifth baby, so you might need to ask what they need to help guests buy gifts.


Baby showers are often thrown a couple of months before the baby is due. This gives new parents time to buy the items they did not receive and set up a first-time nursery. However, for a sprinkle for a fifth child, the timing of the event is less important. In fact, some people choose to throw a sprinkle after the baby is born to give close family and friends the opportunity to meet the new baby, as well. If you choose to sprinkle the couple after the baby is born, indicate this on the invitation.

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