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How to Assemble a NERF Basketball Set

The NERF Wall 2 Wall basketball hoop set turns your family room into a child's arena. It comes with two peel-and-stick backboards that adhere to almost any wall without causing any damage. A mini basketball made of NERF, a soft material similar to a sponge, comes with the set. Putting up the hoops requires no specials tools.

Badminton Instructions

Badminton is a competitive outdoor game played by up to four players. The game is played by hitting a shuttlecock or "bird" across a net toward the opponent and hoping that it hits the ground before the opponent can return it. Badminton can be played by both singles and by teams of doubles, just as in tennis. The game is played by serving the bird to the opponent and both teams hitting it to each other back and forth until one team fails to return it and the other team scores a point.

Badminton Serve Drills

Serving is one of the most difficult skills to tackle in many sports, including tennis, volleyball and badminton. Most amateur players serve well enough to get by without realizing that a good serve is an effective weapon. To attain functional serving skill, use drills that emphasize good technique and can be used in a repetitive manner. The more you practice and strive to improve your form, the better you'll become.

Badminton Serving Rotation Rules for Single Teams

Faster than a speeding bullet, it's . . .a badminton birdie? Also called shuttlecocks, these feathered corks can travel at speeds of up to 200 mph; this might explain the record for the shortest match -- 6 minutes. The fastest racquet sport in the world is also the world's second-most popular participation sport, according to BBC Sports. While badminton is more often played as a backyard game in the United States, competitions in Malaysia and Indonesia typically draw crowds of up to 15,000 fans.

Baseball Batting Cages in South Carolina

Baseball and softball players looking to improve their hitting skills will find plenty of batting cages in South Carolina. The state, which is home to more than 4.5 million residents and countless youth baseball and softball leagues, offers everything from indoor practice facilities to outdoor cages at family fun centers. Hitters can choose the cage that best fits their skill level and price range.

Batting Cages in Phoenix, AZ

Batting cages are a great place to get ready for your upcoming baseball season by keeping your hand-eye coordination sharp; if you're not preparing for a career with the Arizona Diamondbacks, though, you can still go to the cages with your friends and hit baseballs and softballs. There are many places Throughout Phoenix to try your hand at sending balls flying into the night sky.

Big Soccer Stadiums in Puerto Rico

The small island of Puerto Rico is home to thousands of soccer fans. To accommodate the heady enthusiasm, several large soccer stadiums have been built, each accommodating at least 12,000 fans. One such stadium was built as recently as 2010. If you´re also a soccer enthusiast, you'll be in good company in Puerto Rico.

How to Get Your Black Belt Certificate

A black belt is the highest achievement level that a martial arts fighter can obtain. It makes a fighter a master of martial arts. Although there are notable achievement levels in martial arts that take similar dedication, a black belt requires continuous practice, skill and training. A fighter can accomplish obtaining a black belt if he is persistent.

How to Break-in a Baseball Glove in a Clothes Dryer

You want to use your brand-new baseball glove right away, but it's so stiff it may be difficult to use. Use a clothes dryer to break in your new glove and get it ready to play ball within just a few days, as opposed to the months it may take to naturally break in a glove. There are several ways this can be done, and this method is recommended for all leather gloves as opposed to gloves made with synthetic materials.

How Can Racket Grip Size Affect Your Game?

Tennis is a game of concentration, athleticism and precision. Players use tennis rackets to hit tennis balls back and forth over a net against opponents. There is a limited range of racket grip sizes available for tennis rackets. Using the wrong grip size can cause discomfort and decrease your enjoyment of the sport and performance during matches.

Christian Volleyball Camps in Indiana

In addition to helping athletes improve their volleyball skills and knowledge of the game, Christian volleyball camps promote the Christian faith and good sportsmanship. Camps are available for elementary, junior high and high school players of all skill levels; both universities and churches offer volleyball camps during the summer to prepare athletes for competition in the fall.

Cowboys Vs. Steelers Football

Many people argue about who the "quintessential" NFL franchise is, and the Dallas Cowboys and the Pittsburgh Steelers must have a place in this conversation. The Cowboys and the Steelers have combined to win 11 Super Bowls (as of the end of the 2010 season), and each team has made eight appearances, including three head-to-head meetings. As two of the most successful franchises in NFL history, these teams boast huge fan bases that reach far beyond their respective cities.

How to Customize a Football Guard Sleeve

Football guard sleeves, like mouth guards and antireflective cheek strips, can be customized to express the individual personality of the football player. Football guard sleeves are small pieces of polyester-spandex fabric with rubber inserts that provide comfort padding around the chin guard of a football helmet. Players can slip them over their chin straps and attach them to their football helmets to further protect their faces while playing. Football guard sleeves are generally solid in color.

How to Customize Your Own Bat

During the late 19th century, people crafted their own bats for game-play. Baseball was in its infancy as a game during this time and rules governing the size and shape of baseball bats did not appear until 1859, according to the History of Baseball Bats. In the 21st century, bats appeared in wood or aluminum forms. People use bats to decorate kids' rooms, send out birth announcements, commemorate game victories or to accentuate baseball collections. There are several ways to customize bats, depending on your needs.

David Beckham's Influence on American Soccer

Since his 2007 arrival to Major League Soccer (MLS), former English soccer captain David Beckham has had a profound impact upon American soccer. The midfield maestro, known for his incredible range of passing, accuracy from set pieces and massive off-field profile, was named in 2011 as the world's highest-paid footballer by the Forbes company, thanks to his salary from the Los Angeles Galaxy and significant endorsements from companies such as Adidas.

How to Design a Custom Soccer Jersey

Played in over 200 countries, soccer is the most popular sport in the world. If association rules or coaches' guidelines permit altering your uniform, there are many ways to make a soccer jersey stick out in the crowd. Younger players can have their parents help, but much of the work can be done themselves.

How to Design Your Own Lacrosse Stick

Designing your own lacrosse stick so it reflects your winning style is fun and easy. Dying the head, customizing the strings or using colored tape are just a few of the ways you can make your stick reflect your personality. Just be sure that as you design your stick you keep in mind the specifications set forth by U.S. Lacrosse for a legal stick. After customizing your stick, you don't want to risk having the referee deem your stick illegal for play.

How to Design Your Own Soccer Ball

Designing a soccer ball is an activity that requires adults and children alike to get creative and come up with an unusual design. Think about your favorite colors, places and hobbies when designing your ball, and feel free to incorporate anything into the overall design of the soccer ball. While designing a soccer ball does require creativity, previous artistic and design skills aren't necessary. So collect your materials and start working on your design.

How Did Greg Norman Get His Nickname "The Shark"?

World Golf Hall of Famer Greg Norman has earned 91 career victories -- 20 of those occurring on the PGA Tour -- in a career that has spanned more than three decades. The Australian began to caddy for his mother as a teenager. Soon, he began playing on his own, launching his professional career in the mid-1970s. During his professional play, he acquired the nickname "The Shark."