Sports Birthday Themes and Party Games

by Clayton Yuetter
You can make balloons look like various balls with little effort.

You can make balloons look like various balls with little effort.

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Many children enjoy sports and will get a kick out of birthday parties with sport themes. The food, decorations and activities can all be tailored to match the theme without much effort. The party themes are especially effective when the adults dress up and play along too, creating memories that your child and his friends will talk about in school for a long time.

Baseball Theme Parties

Consider making homemade ballpark tickets to use as invitations to the guests. The parents can dress up like baseball players or umpires. Serve hot dogs wrapped in aluminum foil to give them the authentic "ballpark feel," and serve peanuts as well. Organize a friendly game of whiffle ball outside, or if that is not convenient, try "baseless baseball." Players must try to hit a target by throwing a ball. A successful hit earns points, while a miss is an "out." After three outs the teams switch.

Basketball Theme Party

Have the adults dress up like referees, with a black and white striped shirt and a whistle. The whistle may become useful in controlling the party at times. Use orange balloons as decorations and draw lines on them with a black marker to make them look like basketballs. Organize a three-on-three or two-on-two basketball tournament if the party is for kids older than 13. Smaller kids will enjoy shooting hoops on a miniature basket inside the house. It may be best to have several miniature baskets to keep more kids entertained at once.

Football Theme Party

For the extremely ambitious parent, make homemade jerseys for each guest. Start with a white T-shirt and decorate it with each child's name on the back, as well as including your child's birthday party and its date. Make sure to have a few extra handy in case guests bring their friends. You can make a football-shaped pinata to entertain the kids, as well as have them try to throw Nerf footballs through tires or other objects. Older kids could play two-hand touch or flag football. Tuck simple bandannas into their waists to use as flags, if necessary.

Famous Player Party

Instead of choosing a single sport as the theme, you can have a "Sports Star" party, in which every guest comes as his favorite player from any sport. Pretend that the party is very exclusive when the guests arrive by having a rope and a bouncer waiting at the door. When playing games, separate the teams according to the sports their player is from. Basketball players can take on football players in a game of kickball or other activity.

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