Sports Birthday Invitation Wording

by Nadia Nygaard
Serve food in the shape of sports equipment at your party.

Serve food in the shape of sports equipment at your party.

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Celebrate your star athlete's birthday with a sports-themed birthday party. Create a striking sports invitation by adding a sports border or a large main graphic to the invitation. For extra-creative invitations, hand craft your invites in the shape of a sports ball or piece of equipment. Shape a puck invite for a hockey-themed party, for example. Going further, try writing the invitation on mini-baseball bats or soccer balls with permanent marker. When wording your invites, use sports taglines to convey excitement.


Cut out and decorate cardstock soccer balls or make a player trading card using a photo of your child for invitations to a soccer-themed party. Songs and chants are part of professional soccer games, so create a custom song for your invitations. Use phrases like "Ole, ole, ole," "Let's kick it!" and "Come score some goals with us." Incorporate your child's jersey number or team name in the wording, if possible. For example, "It's games and cake and presents galore. It's Sarah's birthday, the Mustangs' number four!"


Baseball announcers have coined a number of phrases that would work on a party invitation. Consider phrases that reference grand slams or home runs for the most exciting wording. Try: "Get off the bench a hit and homer at John's birthday party." "Don't miss this Grand Slam birthday party." "Kaley's party is going to be a hit!" You also can use the words to the classic seventh-inning stretch tune, "Take Me Out to the Ball Game," in your invitation. Instead of "Let's root, root, root for the home team," substitute, "Let's root, root, root for Dave's birthday."


Make a football fan's birthday party invitation in the shape of a football or end zone. Across the top of the invitation, use the classic Monday Night Football phrase, "Are you ready for some football?" Follow that with "Come score a touchdown at Tyler's party. Kickoff is at 3 p.m. at the Westfield End Zone." Add the location of the party. At the end of the invitation, type, "It's going to be a kicker of an event," along with information to RSVP.

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Use general phrases like "Are you game for a great time?" or "Come play on our court" for a variety of sports themes. Bowling parties can incorporate phrases like "Toss a strike at Julie's birthday," while fishing invites might say, "Reel in the Big One at Joe's party." For a rodeo party, invite guests to "Wrangle" or "Rope up" a good time. Friends can be invited to get "Nothing but net while Carrie holds court at her basketball party."

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