SpongeBob Active Party Games

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SpongeBob is an American classic.

SpongeBob is an American classic.

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SpongeBob SquarePants and his friends in Bikini Bottom have thrilled children and some adults since 1993. His irreverent style, addictive laugh and entertaining mannerisms have made for a host of odd and hilarious episodes. SpongeBob has a variety of recurring themes using physical comedy that make for a plethora of potential SpongeBob theme party ideas. If you do the party right the kids will have fun and get some exercise, too.

Jelly Fish Chase

Buy the durable, "plastic" bubble solution in which you can hold the bubbles you catch, available at most toy and discount stores. Blow the bubbles in the air and see who can hold the most bubble "jellyfish" at one time. If you can't afford to buy the liquid, you can make your own regular bubble solution using water, dish soap and glycerin. If you use regular bubbles, modify your game by performing jellyfish races and see who can carry a bubble the fastest or farthest before it pops. This game can easily be turned into a relay race to involve more participants. If your bubble jellyfish pops, you must start over.

Krabby Patty Flip

Create your own Krabby Patty with modelling clay. Have a child run to a table, craft the patty on a pretend or real frying pan, then flip it in the air using only a spatula. Have the next teammate build a complete sandwich out of other colors of modelling clay, including pickles, condiments and buns. Put all the components together and race the Krabby Patty to the pickup window where a third teammate, Squidward, will deliver it to the finish line.

Karate Fun

SpongeBob and his squirrel friend Sandy Cheeks often have impromptu karate matches on the show. Purchase inflatable toy boxing gloves for a fun karate brawl at your place. Additionally, retailers that offer inflatable bounce houses often have inflatable boxing rings that include the complete gear, including head protection for the sake of their liability. There are also inflatable gladiator jousting rings that you can brawl in for a substantially higher price.

Other Ideas

The Nintendo Wii offers action-oriented SpongeBob games using its motion controls. These games are especially useful in the event of rain, or for a slumber party for late night fun. Another option is to build a SpongeBob "car," which looks much more like an underwater boat, out of a long box. Create a driver's education obstacle course. The person in charge--named Mrs. Puff the puffer fish on the show--blows a whistle to get the race started.

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