Splurge Party Ideas

by Emma Rensch
Many stores hold package deals for splurge parties.

Many stores hold package deals for splurge parties.

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Treat your friends to a Splurge Party, in which guests enjoy shopping for clothes, accessories and beauty items at specially selected stores for discounted prices. You can throw your own Splurge Party or locate party hosts in your area to take care of the details. Some Splurge Parties even double as benefits for causes.

Party Host

Companies such as splurgeparty.com host Splurge Parties by gathering specialty exhibits featuring beauty and fashion items. The hosts arrange for vendors to sell their wares at lowered prices. These vendors display and sell their items for one day in a specific location, such as a large ballroom or lobby. Women reserve tickets for the event and spend a day with their friends shopping for specially selected, discounted items.

Special Features

Splurge Parties hosted by organizations often include special events in addition to shopping. These events include meet and greet opportunities with celebrities, as well as cocktail sampling and wine tasting to provide a party feel. Often guests receive gift bags loaded with party favors, such as beauty products. Some organizations, like splurgeparty.com, donate a portion of proceeds to breast cancer research, education and breast health providers.

Mall Deals

Host your own Splurge Party instead or purchasing tickets from an event host. Many malls offer discounts if you hold your Splurge Party in specific stores. For example, a store may offer a 30 percent discount to the hostess of the Splurge Party and 15 percent off to her guests. Call or visit stores in your local mall to inquire about Splurge Party deals, as details differ based on your location.

Party Favors

If you are hosting your own Splurge Party by setting up a discount deal with one or several stores at a local mall, mimic the elements of a professionally hosted party by providing your guests with party favors. Visit a local hair salon and ask the owner or manager if she would like to sponsor your splurge party and receive free advertising at the same time. Often salons will compile gift baskets containing free samples and coupons for services, which you can distribute to your guests during your Splurge Party.

Savings Group

Many women enjoy Splurge Parties because they provide an opportunity to access discount goods without worrying about frugality. If you or your guests do not have a lot of extra cash to spend, prepare by starting a Splurge Party savings group. Invite guests to set aside $20 each month for an established amount of time before the party. When the time arrives to enjoy your shopping celebration, every guest will have saved up extra spending cash and will not need to alter her monthly budget.


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