Spiritual Bridal Shower Games

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    Spirituality can provide a stimulating spin on bridal shower games. Because people find spiritual nourishment in many ways, offer bridal shower guests spiritual games suited to the bride-to-be and her belief system. A bridal shower with a spiritual tone can incorporate games that uplift the guest of honor and her guests. As attendees explore spiritual games themes, they may engage in energizing conversation and laughter.

    Blessing Toast Prize

    If you choose to toast the guest of honor, play a game with a spiritual prize for the winner. Place a gold star underneath a champagne or other toasting glass. The person who receives the special glass receives a prize but she also must offer a toast in the form of a spiritual blessing to the bride and her groom.

    Biblical Couples

    Bridal shower hostesses can challenge guests biblical knowledge with a game about couples in the Bible. They can be pairs of people as well as married people. Make a list of biblical pairs, like Adam and Eve, Abraham and Sarah, Mary and Joseph and Martha and Mary. Ask guests to identify the book(s) of the Bible in which the characters appear. The guest with the most correct answers wins.

    Prayer Game

    A prayer game is a way to begin or end a bridal shower on a spiritual note. As guests assemble or as the party winds down, pass out slips of paper to all of the attendees, including the bride-to-be. Ask each person to write a four to six word prayer sentence focusing on the couple's new life together. Gather the slips of paper and place them in a carved wooden box or other attractive container. Pass the container around the room asking each guest to select a slip and read it aloud.

    Identify the Bride

    Give bridal shower guests opportunities to rave about the bride's many positive spiritual qualities. Ask the guest of honor to pick a guest's name randomly from a bowl. The selected guest must think of one word that best describes the bride's most endearing spiritual quality. Spiritual qualities might include forgiving nature, prayerful approach to life and commitment to worship. The guest then describes why she chose that attribute.

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