Spider-Man 64 Story Plot

by Iam Jaebi

Spider-Man 64, also known simply as Spider-Man, is a video game developed for the Nintendo 64 game console and based on the Marvel Comics superhero. The video game was originally released in 2000 for both PlayStation and Nintendo 64, and versions were later made for the PC and Sega Dreamcast.

Initial Conflict

The game story begins at a scientific demonstration put on by Doctor Octopus (Otto Octavius) in which Peter Parker (Spider-Man) and several others watch someone dressed as Spider-Man steal the doctor's valuable materials. Eddie Brock is accosted by the assailant (whom he thinks is Spider-Man), leading his hatred to grow until he assumes the identity of Venom, who swears revenge against Spider-Man. The rest of the world also believes Spider-Man is a thief, and the hero becomes public enemy number one as the city's law enforcement calls for his arrest.

Villians to Fight

As Spider-Man sets off to discover who the real thief (and fake Spider-Man) is, he is quickly thrown off track to stop a bank robbery and then prevent Scoprion from killing Jonah Jameson. Soon after, Spider-Man must stop Rhino from attacking a power plant. Meanwhile, Mary Jane is kidnapped by Venom, whom Spider-Man must defeat before discovering that Mysterio is the person that framed Spider-Man. Mysterio isn't working alone: His bosses are revealed to be Carnage and Doctor Octopus.

Appearances by Super Friends

Throughout the game, Spider-Man consults and is aided by several other Marvel superheroes. Black Cat tips Spider-Man off to the trouble happening at the bank and the power plant before being kidnapped by Carnage and Doctor Octopus. Daredevil uses his powers to tell that Spider-Man is telling the truth about not stealing the experiment. The Human Torch also makes a brief appearance as does the Punisher toward the end of the game. Captain America swoops in to save Spider-Man from a crumbling building.

Resolution and Game Completion

Although Doctor Otto Octavius appears to return to a life of civility in the beginning of the game, you eventually learn that this was a ruse. Doctor Octopus framed Spider-Man in a plot with the offspring of Venom, Carnage. Together, Doctor Octopus and Carnage lure Spider-Man to a warehouse with the hopes of finishing him once and for all. The two villains morph into one giant monster called Monster Ock and nearly destroy the building with Spider-Man inside, but the hero makes it out with the help of Captain America.

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