How to Speed Up a Longboard

by Missy Farage
Learn how to speed up on your longboard.

Learn how to speed up on your longboard.

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Longboarding -- a fun, emerging sport -- finds its roots in another board sport: surfing. Longboarding essentially gave surfers an adrenaline-pumping, on-land sport to enjoy on days when they had no surf. Today, people use longboarding both for sport as well as a method of transportation. If you've mastered how to stand up and glide on a longboard, you can learn how to speed up.

Items you will need

  • Helmet
  • Flat, smooth surface
  • Paved hill
Step 1

Put on a longboard helmet and clasp the straps underneath your chin.

Step 2

Situate your feet shoulder length apart, in the center of the longboard. This stance will make it easier to balance as you start to move.

Step 3

Bend your knees to lower your center of gravity. That makes it easier to balance on a moving longboard. The more you crouch, the lower your center of gravity. That makes it easier to balance, and you can go faster once you begin to move.

Step 4

Lift your back foot off of the longboard and use it to push off of the ground to propel the longboard forward. The more you push off, the faster you will move the longboard.

Step 5

Adjust your weight on the longboard to steer it towards a hill. Bend your knees, crouching down to lower your center of gravity, increasing your balance and speed.

Step 6

Clasp your hands behind your back to decrease any wind resistance as you head downhill.

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