How to Speed Knit

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Keep your fingers relaxed to knit faster.

Keep your fingers relaxed to knit faster.

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It's a holiday season or your friend's birthday is coming up, and you just can't knit that scarf or sweater fast enough. Your time is precious, so whether you're knitting gifts or just for fun, sometimes you want to go a bit faster. Although you might never get to the speed of Miriam Tegels, the world's fastest knitter, learn some new skills to put extra oomph in your work.

Step 1

Relax. Speed knitting is that simple, or at least relaxation is a big part of it. Keep movements small; large movements take more time for your hands or fingers to get back into position. Use smooth movements, and you can fall into a rhythm.

Step 2

Keep your left index finger level with your knitting needle. Let the yarn drape over your left index finger. Hold the rest of the yarn with only your left ring and middle fingers.

Step 3

Obtain a U.S. size 8 pair of needles and double-knit weight yarn. Cast on 60 stitches and set a timer for 3 minutes. Record how many stitches you can make in that amount of time. Competition level is more than 200 stitches in 3 minutes.

Step 4

Use needles with sharp, lean points. They help you work faster and are used for any style of knitting.

Step 5

Maintain eye coordination with your stitches. Allow your eyes to follow what your fingers are doing.


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