Special Edition NFL Monopoly Rules

by Ann Goss
Trade teams and build stadiums in NFL Monopoly.

Trade teams and build stadiums in NFL Monopoly.

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Hasbro's NFL edition of Monopoly came out in 1998. The limited edition game follows the same basic rules as the original game, but instead of purchasing property, you buy and trade NFL Teams. Hasbro no longer offers the NFL version, but it is possible to find used games online and at yard sales.

Key Differences

NFL Monopoly comes with eight football-themed tokens. These tokens replace the traditional playing pieces, such as the dog, hat or race car. The pewter tokens bend easily so use care while playing. AFC and NFC cards replace Chance and Community Chest cards. The cards contain special instructions that hand you cash, let you move to another space on the board or require you to pay fees. Property cards include 31 NFL teams, rather than streets. Instead of houses, you build bleacher sections or stadiums.

Getting Started

Distribute money to each player. Every player receives two $500 bills, two $100s, two $50s, six 20s, five $10s, five $5s and five $1s. Place tokens on "Go." Game play starts by flipping the NFL coin. Two players compete during the coin flip, and the winner competes against the next player. The person who wins all coin flips goes first. Roll both football dice during your turn. Move the appropriate number of spaces. If you roll doubles, you do get to go again. Rolling three doubles in a row puts you in jail.

Team Spaces

If you land on a team space, see if someone owns it. If so, you must pay rent. If not, you can purchase it. Use the table on the front of the card to determine how much money you owe. If you're short on cash, mortgage your teams. If you can't do this, you're bankrupt and the remaining players continue. Once you own all teams in a set, begin building bleachers and stadiums. Bleacher sections must be built evenly. When you have four bleachers, trade them and some cash for a stadium.

Other Game Spaces

"Go" rewards you with $200 when you pass it. If you land on an AFC/NFC space, draw the corresponding card from the top of the pile. Follow the instructions and place the card aside when done. "Exceed Salary Cap" and "Luxury Box" spaces require you to pay the fee listed on the board. Salary cap fees are 10 percent of your assets or $200, and luxury box is a flat $75. "Go to Jail" forces you to go straight to jail. Get out of jail by paying a $50 fine, using a "Get Out of Jail Free" card or attempting to roll doubles. Try for doubles twice before you must pay the fine. Monopoly NFL ends when all but one player goes bankrupt.

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