Space-Themed Craft Games for a Birthday Party

by Krystal Miller
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Create some "space craft" competition for children at a birthday party.

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If you have a space-loving child, chances are you will be hosting a space-themed birthday party in your near future. Prepare some space-themed crafts for the guests to do and turn them into contests by awarding prizes for the best, most creative and funniest crafts. Encourage the guests to try their best when making the crafts by awarding space-themed stickers, temporary tattoos, coloring books and toys to the contest winners.

Rocket Crafts

Rocket crafts are perfect for a space birthday party. For a basic rocket craft, have the children draw a rocket on a piece of construction paper. Younger children can use pictures of rockets as a guide and older children can freehand draw the rocket. The party guests can also use empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls, paint, markers, stickers, construction paper and glitter pens to build their own rockets. Other building materials include cereal boxes, masking tape, cardboard boxes, straws, paint and packing materials.

Alien Crafts

Have the children make a "space alien" mask using a variety of supplies, such as markers, stickers, sequins, pompoms, large "googly eyes" and craft foam. Each child can use one large sheet of craft foam to cut the shape of his alien mask. Poke a hole on each side of the mask and attach elastic cord to the holes to create the mask. For another alien craft, give each child a tub of green-tinted play dough and have her design her own alien. You can let the children use self-hardening clay, too. They can allow their clay aliens to harden overnight to save as a memento of the party.

UFO Crafts

For an easy UFO craft, children can tape two paper plates together and use their imagination to decorate the "UFO." Stickers, stamps, crayons, paint pens and markers are perfect for decorating the paper plates. Other items the children can use to create a UFO craft include plastic wrap, plastic bowls, CDs, bottle caps, buttons, knobs, scissors, foil and duct tape.

Solar System Crafts

See which party guests can create the best planet or entire solar system using polystyrene foam balls and a variety of supplie such as newspaper, glue, duct tape, paint, wood or plastic embroidery hoops, cardboard, glitter, tissue paper and electrical tape. Guests can also use black construction paper and chalk to draw a solar system. Print pictures of the solar system for the children to use as a guide. Give the children wire hangers to make a hanging mobile solar system using construction paper and yarn.

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