Sophisticated Bridal Shower Games

by Donna Tinus
Sophisticated games provide fun at a bridal shower.

Sophisticated games provide fun at a bridal shower.

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Don't force your bridal shower guests to play the same old, out-dated or silly games. In some areas, playing party games is traditional entertainment for the guests and facilitates the mingling of guests who don't know each other well. Games can vary from the ridiculous to raunchy, depending on the types of games the guests enjoy playing. Provide your guests with some interesting, sophisticated bridal shower games so they will enjoy the time spent together.

Purse Game

The bridesmaids can play the purse game while the bride is opening presents. This is especially a good idea if it's a large shower with many gifts. One of the bridesmaids announces the name of an item, such as a sugar packet or subway token, and the guests look to see if they are carrying the item in their purses. Whoever has the item gets a prize. The better prizes go to the more obscure items.

Bridal Bingo

The bridesmaids should make bingo cards before the shower day. Across the top, place the letters BRIDE instead of BINGO. Place the name of a common bridal gift in each square, and when the bride opens that gift, the guest crosses out that square. The first one to get five in a row yells "Bingo" and receives a prize. Some common gifts are a toaster, can opener, blender or towels.

Memory Game

Pin as many kitchen gadgets as possible onto a kitchen apron. After all the guests arrive, have the bride wear the apron and stand in the room in front of the guests. Everyone gets two minutes to look at the bride. They are then given a paper and pen and then must write down as many things as they can remember. Some items that can be used might be a garlic press, measuring spoons or a sponge. The guest that remembers the most items gets a prize.

Match the Couples

The bridesmaids have to plan this game for a few weeks before the wedding. The girls should buy all the local newspapers each week on the day when the 25th and 50th anniversaries are announced. They should cut out the announcements. Usually the couple's wedding photograph is included in the announcement along with a recent picture. Cut the wedding picture from the recent pictures. Mix them up and place them on a table, giving each one a number. The guests need to match the old and recent pictures up with each other.

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