Sophisticated Baby Shower Games

by Nora Zavalczki
Baby showers are meant to shower the mother with gifts.

Baby showers are meant to shower the mother with gifts.

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The exact origins of baby showers are not precisely known, but they are believed to be rooted in ancient times, when a celebration initiated the mother-to-be into motherhood. Today, the baby shower performs a gift-giving role, a showering of the mother-to-be with baby gifts, to diminish the burden of baby expenses. However, baby showers are not only about gifts -- they are also about having fun. While in the present century most games are childlike, sophisticated games are also available.

Guess Who

Prepare before the party and find baby pictures of famous celebrities or people the guests know (e.g., a family member or a boss). You may also ask each participant to bring a picture of herself as a baby and the game can be a great ice-breaker, especially if the guests don't know each other. Show each picture, allowing the women to guess who the person in the picture is. Each correct response receives a point and the winner gets a small gift such as a special selection of teas, scented candles or picture frames.

Name Baby Items

This game tests the memory and knowledge of baby-related items of each guest. Give each participant a pad, pen and paper and ask them to write down as many baby products and baby-related items as they can in three or five minutes. The person with the most baby items written down is the winner.

Baby Trivia

Back in the ancient times, the baby shower was performed before or after the birth of the baby and was meant to initiate the woman into motherhood. Baby trivia is a game that teaches the mother-to-be about baby basics. Find a few important facts about babies, such as the average number of hours a baby sleeps per day, the average age when babies start to walk or grow teeth, or other interesting facts such as the number of diapers needed per year. Ask each question and allow the women to write down their responses, rewarding the person with the most correct answers.

Baby Names and Their Meanings

Even if many expecting mothers name their babies before birth, playing the baby names meanings game can be entertaining and may give the mother-to-be new ideas for names. Select 10 to 15 popular baby names and find their meanings in a dictionary or online. For each name, write the true meaning and two other random meanings and prepare a multiple choice quiz. Ask the women to choose the right meaning for each name.

Baby's Look

Baby's look is a game that appeals to the creative side of the guests. Make copies of two pictures of the mother and the father of the baby and give them to the guests along with a pair of scissors and glue. Give out baby magazines as well. Each person should make a collage using the pictures of the parents and magazine cut-outs, imagining how the baby will look. The expecting mother chooses the baby look she prefers and the winner gets a gift.

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