How to Get Song Instrumentals

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Specialist, independent record stores are a good place to find instrumental music.

Specialist, independent record stores are a good place to find instrumental music.

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Whether you're looking for background music for a dinner party you're hosting, a backing track over which you can practice your karaoke performances or samples to use in your own original compositions, there are a number of places you can find good quality instrumental tracks. If you know how to use an audio sequencer, you can even make instrumental versions of your favorite tracks yourself.

Items you will need

  • Audio sequencer, Steinberg's Cubase or Ableton Live
Step 1

Visit your local record store and look for instrumental compilations. You'll find instrumental versions of popular songs on CD and 12-inch singles. Specialist, independent dance and hip-hop stores are good places to find unusual instrumentals and instrumental remixes. Inquire about karaoke compilations at mass market music retailers.

Step 2

Navigate to online music stores. Type "Instrumental" in the search field and press "Enter." If you want to find instrumental versions of particular tracks, enter the name of the track for which you're searching, or the artist who recorded it, into the search field before typing "Instrumental."

Step 3

Navigate to streaming services to listen to instrumental music without downloading files onto your hard drive. Enter "Instrumental" into the search field on sites such as Pandora and

Step 4

Download a vocal removal plug-in for your audio sequencer. Import a track featuring vocals into the audio sequencer and apply the plug-in to remove the vocal track. The method for doing so will depend on the sequencer and vocal remover that you're using. Consult your software's user guide when you're unsure how to do this.


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