Solar System Birthday Party Theme

by Jen Kim
Eight planets comprise the solar system.

Eight planets comprise the solar system.

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Earth may be the most recognizable planet, but it certainly isn't the star of a solar-system themed party-- the sun is. Let your imagination blast off into space with simple and creative ideas to plan the next children's party. Transform traditional party decor, activities and food into something that's out of this world with just a little prep work.


Guarantee the party will be a blast with creative invitation ideas such as rockets, planets, stars and UFOs. For an easy and streamlined approach, design invites and images with a software program like Photoshop or InDesign. Or choose homemade crafting materials such as glitter, paint, stickers, foil and fabric to re-create space scenes. Include a clever invitation greetings: Get ready to have a blast at my party! or You are invited to an out of this world adventure!


Create solar system-inspired treats that are out of this world. Bake simple planet pizzas from English muffins cut in half. Put tomato sauce, cheese and toppings on one half of the muffin. Place the other muffin on top to cover it. Rip a six-inch square of foil and roll it into a tube. Wrap around the muffin to create a planetary ring. Bake in an oven for 350 degrees for about 10 minutes. Make fake moon rocks by wrapping brownies and other sweet treats in foil. A fun alternative to regular ice cream is to provide freeze-dried ice cream that astronauts eat.

Activities and Games

Apply solar twists to traditional party games. For example, play pin the sun in the center of the solar system. Blindfold each participant and have him stick the sun into the appropriate spot on a solar system poster. Make easy space ship party favors from paper bowls. Hole punch the outsides of two bowls and spray paint them silver. Let them dry. String a piece of yarn through one of the holes to hang the bowls. Place a glow stick in one of the bowls. Put a flipped-over bowl on top as a cover and glue them together.


Transform the party space into outer space by draping black cloths over plain walls. Create simple rockets and antenna out of aluminum foil and tape them to the walls. Stick on glow-in-the-dark stars or cut stars from bright-colored paper. To make hanging planets decorations, spray paint or use colored plastic balls and hang them with fishing wire from ceilings or tree branches. For a simple starry feel, hang twinkle lights around the play area. If the party is outside, set up a telescope for viewing stars and planets.

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