Snow Tubing at Kissing Bridge, New York

by Lauren Griffin
Children and adults will enjoy snow tubing.

Children and adults will enjoy snow tubing.

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Nestled in the renowned Colden Snowbelt in Western New York State, Kissing Bridge ( is a resort that boasts a number of wintertime sports attractions. Skiers and snowboarders flock to Kissing Bridge to hit the numerous snow-covered trails. Visitors who want the thrill of flying down a hill at exhilarating speeds without skiing or snowboarding can snow tube for a fun, wintertime experience.

Colden Tubing Company

Colden Tubing Company is Western New York's largest downhill tubing park. As part of Kissing Bridge resort, the tubing park is conveniently located just next to Kissing Bridge North. During weekend days, tubers appreciate the beautiful winter scenery as they ride up to the top of the trail. The tubing center is also open on Friday and Saturday evenings until 9 p.m., giving tubers the chance to experience tubing at night. The facility is closed Monday through Thursday in the evenings.


Gone are the days of lugging a heavy toboggan or wooden sled up the hill for a brief trip back down. At Kissing Bridge's Colden Tubing Company, tube riders kick back and relax on the ride up to the summit. Starting in the 2011-2012 season, the resort features a Magic Carpet style lift: tubers place their tubes on the moving mat, then sit on it and enjoy the rest of the ride to the top of the slope.


After reaching the summit, tubers wait for their turn to tube down the tubing trail. Colden Tubing requires tubers to ride headfirst, with their bellies on the tube, after extensive testing has demonstrated this method's safety. Headfirst also tends to be more exhilarating, too. The ride from the top of the trail to the landing zone at the valley floor is approximately 10 stories downward, making it a thrilling, fast-paced adventure. Remember to hold on tight and enjoy the ride down.


Along with providing fun for people going tubing, Kissing Bridge is dedicated to the safety of its guests. To ensure their safety, the resort has posted height restrictions: tubers must be at least 42 inches tall. Tubers must also at least 7 years old to ride down the summit trail. Younger children who accompany paying tubing customers often tube down the smaller bunny slope, which is safer and less frightening. No alcohol is permitted in the tubing park.

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