How to Go Snorkeling in Guam

by Todd Bowerman
Snorkleling is a simple way to explore the underwater world.

Snorkleling is a simple way to explore the underwater world.

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Guam hosts a wide range of diving destinations, including sunken ships, natural coral formations, and the habitats of fish and other sea life. Snorkeling in these waters can be rewarding as Guam's coasts traditionally have high visibility and plenty to explore. No matter how you choose to enter the water, always follow posted notices and swim with a friend for safety.

Items you will need

  • Flippers
  • Goggles
  • Snorkel
Step 1

Explore the beaches of Guam and look for walk-in snorkeling sites at Fish Eye Marine Park, Ypao Beach, and Family Beach -- all places where snorkeling starts by walking directly out from the beach.

Step 2

Take part in a snorkeling expedition by signing up with one of Guam's many tourist operators, such as Guam Tropical Dive Station, Let's Dive Guam, Guam Adventure Diving or Fun Dive Guam.

Step 3

Visit popular dive sites such as Tumon Bay, Piti Bomb Holes and Cocos Lagoon early in the day or on a weekday for a less crowded swim.

Step 4

Practice using your snorkeling equipment before you head into open waters. Guam waters are traditionally calm and clear, so practicing in a pool should be sufficient preparation.

Step 5

Ask Guam natives for the best snorkeling locations, and consult a Guam dive location map.

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