Snorkeling in Cebu, Philippines

by Olivea Shure
Cebu's large coral reefs attract many snorkelers.

Cebu's large coral reefs attract many snorkelers.

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Cebu Island is one of the Philippines' larger islands, and its calm waters are a welcome haven to many snorkeling enthusiasts; plenty of areas around Cebu with large coral reefs delight new and seasoned snorkelers alike. Most local resorts rent and sell snorkeling equipment, and some offer basic instruction as well as snorkeling-specific packages and events.

K.I. Marine and Sports Center

K.I Marine's original Snorkel Plus combines the ease of snorkeling with the delight of deep sea diving. Snorkel Plus is a machine that regulates air to divers through a 1.6-meter hose and can sustain up to four people at once, allowing you to feed fish and stay underwater for up to 30 minutes with your friends. To use the Snorkel Plus you must wear fins, a weight belt, mast and wet suit.


Moalboal is home to plenty of resorts that cater to snorkeling enthusiasts. Planet Action, an organizer of action and adventure tours in the Philippines, can organize a snorkeling day tour around Moalboal to destinations like Pescador Island and White Beach; they also rent and sell snorkeling paraphernalia, so you don't need to worry about losing a fin along the way. Moalboal's nearby soft and hard coral reefs are home to diverse marine life including sea turtles and whale sharks.

Tipolo Beach Resort

Tipolo Beach Resort is one of the many resorts in Moalboal that caters specifically to snorkelers. They rent and sell quality snorkeling gear on the premises and offer short boat rides to popular snorkeling destinations. If you prefer to stay close to shore, try walking to Panagsama beach, White Beach or Tongo Point and snorkeling the day away.

Turtle Bay Dive Resort

If you're looking for a relatively quiet resort away from the more crowded areas in Moalboal, try the Turtle Bay Resort. You can snorkel in the house beach with a variety of coral and an eclectic pool of fish, as well as turtles. Nearby, fine white sand beaches include White Beach and Lombok beach; both beaches are less than a 30-minute drive or boat ride away.

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