Snail Craft for Kids

by Jen Kim
Homemade snail crafts are less creepy and slimy than their real-life counterparts.

Homemade snail crafts are less creepy and slimy than their real-life counterparts.

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You may not be fan of those creepy crawly creatures that ruin your favorite garden plants, but you and your kids will be fans of these creative crafting ideas on how to make your own snails. These low-cost art projects can be done quickly and require just a few basic household materials and a little imagination.

Paper Bowl Snail

For you children, Pre-K and under, a paper bowl snail is a craft that requires little preparation or materials. You'll need a sheet of colored construction paper, a permanent marker and a paper bowl. Draw the outline of a snail (with shell) on the paper and cut out. Draw a face and add eyes, using the marker. Cover the shell part of the paper with the open rim of the bowl. Decorate the bowl or make designs with paint, markers or glitter. Glue into place and let dry.

Pipe Cleaner Snail

Make a snail magnet or decoration using colored pipe cleaners. Start at one end of the pipe cleaner and begin rolling into a spiral. When you reach the end, glue the edges together, so the spiral shape stays secure. Roll a shorter length of pipe cleaner in a small spiral to make the head. Weave the remaining edge through the larger shell spiral to secure into place. Glue a small magnetic strip to the back of the shell to use as a magnet.

Yarn Snail

Another project for young children is to create a paper snail out of yarn. Cut out a circle from construction paper to use for the snail body. Draw the head, antennae, neck and tail on a separate piece of paper and attach to the circle. Cut a long piece of colored yarn or string and create a spiral design in the shell. Glue into place and let dry. For a larger snail, you can also substitute a paper plate for the construction paper.

CD Snail

Recycle your old CDs to make these clever snail ornaments. Cut out a snail body, including eyes, antenna a mouth and tail from construction paper. Glue the CD (shiny side up) to the snail body; it will be the base of the snail shell. Cut a circle (the same size as the CD) from another piece of construction paper. Cut a swirl shape or any design from the paper, then glue onto the CD.

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