Snacks and Games for a Halloween Party for Kids

by Krystal Miller
Use pumpkins to create games at your next Halloween party.

Use pumpkins to create games at your next Halloween party.

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You can throw a memorable Halloween party by preparing some "spooktacular" games and snacks. Incorporating the spirit of Halloween into party games and snack foods will create a successful party your guests will be talking about for months to come. With a few ideas and some creativity, you have everything you need to create a "fang-tastic" Halloween party full of good and prizes.


Guests will enjoy having a variety of foods to snack on as they arrive to the party. Make some spooky eyeballs using carrots, cream cheese and black olives. Layer the cream cheese and black olives on top of the carrot slices. You can create stick cheese fingers by cutting string cheese in half and cutting lines across the top to resemble fingers. Almond slices work perfect for fingernails on the "cheese fingers." Create hot dog mummies by wrapping croissant rolls around wieners. Make "monster toes" by wrapping the croissant rolls around cocktail wieners.

Pumpkin Games

Pumpkins are available at grocery stores and pumpkin patches at the beginning of October. Host contests to see who can roll a pumpkin the farthest distance or who can toss a pumpkin the farthest distance in the air. For another pumpkin game, have all players get down on all fours and push a miniature pumpkin to a finish line using only their nose. You can also create a pumpkin bowling game using empty plastic bottles as bowling pins and pumpkins as bowling balls.For a scary pumpkin game, hide glow-in-dark pumpkins and have guests find the pumpkins. For a scarier game, use plain pumpkins and have guests hunt for the pumpkins in complete darkness.


Appetizers give the guests something to snack on throughout the event. For a hot eyeball appetizer, make sausage balls and place a green Spanish olive in the middle of each ball before baking. Add orange, black or green food coloring to ranch dip and drizzle over the top after cooked to give it a spooky look. You can also make a spider web seven-layer dip by creating the dip as usual and drawing a spider web on the top layer using sour cream. Make "worms on a bun" by slicing hot dog wieners into thin slices before boiling. Place the curled wiener slices on a hot dog bun and serve with ketchup or mustard.

Other Games

Classic games are perfect for a children's Halloween party. You can play some classic Halloween games like "pin the nose on the jack-o-lantern" or "musical pumpkins" instead of musical chairs. You can also create a candy hunt by hiding candy all over the party area and giving each player a small bag in which to collect candy. The player who collects the most candy wins a prize. Make it a scary candy hunt by playing outside in the dark. Guests can use small flashlights to hunt for the candy. For messy games that children and adults can enjoy, try bobbing for apples or bobbing for gummy worms in a bowl of whipped cream. Players can also bob for plastic insects using only their feet in a tub of gelatin and noodles.

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