About the Smicksburg, Pennsylvania Fall Festival

by Rebecca Mayglothling
Visiting Smicksburg in the fall gives tourists the opportunity to ride in an old-fashioned buggy or wagon.

Visiting Smicksburg in the fall gives tourists the opportunity to ride in an old-fashioned buggy or wagon.

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Smicksburg, Pennsylvania, is a small hamlet in southwestern Pennsylvania. The town lies in the heart of Amish country and advertises itself as an "escape from the city." Smicksburg hosts parties year round, from Christmas parties to strawberry festivals and a fall festival. The Annual Smicksburg Fall Festival is a celebration of the harvest; therefore, food, music and a celebration of the Smicksburg community is a typical fall festival theme.

Food and Entertainment

The food at the festival is plentiful. Corn bread, meats and local delicacies, such as jams and homemade pies, are readily available at the festival. Local entertainment such as music from local bands is abundant. Staying with the theme of celebrating the country and localities of Smicksburg, much of the music is bluegrass and country and the food is locally grown or raised.

Antique Tractors

The antique tractor show is a draw for many people during the Annual Smicksburg Fall Festival. Local farmers as well as farmers from afar gather to show off their rebuilt or "as is" tractors. Many children love this exhibit, and the adults gain a chance to share a piece of history with their families. The antique tractor exhibit adds to the country ambiance and relaxed atmosphere of the Smicksburg Fall Festival.

Wagon Tours of Smicksburg

Wagon tours of the village are available during Smicksburg's fall festival, where folks of all ages and walks of life ride atop hay-filled or covered wagons, touring the village streets and historic buildings. The community is host to English and Amish farms and was an English settlement when America began. The history of the village is highlighted and exhibited for visitors to the festival. The ride is a slow-paced adventure for many used to a faster-paced lifestyle.

Land of the Amish

Smicksburg, in the heart of the Amish country, provides ample opportunity to view Amish fields and farms. The Amish use the roadways of Smicksburg, so fall festival visitors are often lucky enough to witness a horse-drawn Amish carriage. In the fields, the Amish patiently work the fields with no electronics or gas-powered vehicles, so Smicksburg Fall Festival tourists might gain a chance to watch these industrious people at work. Witnessing the Amish way of life during the festival can be a humbling experience and is one that brings the country ambiance closer to the festival.

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