Small Vs. Large Baby Showers

by Christine LaFleur
Do you prefer a small gathering with a few close friends, or a large shower with a lot of people?

Do you prefer a small gathering with a few close friends, or a large shower with a lot of people?

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Deciding whether to have one large baby shower or a few smaller baby showers can be a difficult decision. Maybe you have three or four different family members offering to throw you a baby shower. You will most likely get offers from your family and your husband's family and you may wonder whether you should combine showers or have separate ones. A few considerations will help you decide what size shower to have.

Family Connections

If someone from your family and someone from your husband's family have offered to throw you a baby shower, consider if there has been any family drama. If your mom does not get along with your husband's mom, have two baby showers. Have one shower on each side of the family and avoid family drama.


Assess your personality and decide if you are comfortable with smaller showers or one large shower. If you tend to be shy, a smaller shower is probably better suited for you because you can have only the people you truly know at your shower. If you like a lot of attention, a larger shower that includes people you may not know could be a great fit for you.


One of the biggest considerations when deciding whether you want a small or large shower is space. Discuss with your hostess whether she is willing to rent a party hall or other location for a larger shower. If the funds are not available to rent a large space, have a smaller shower in someone's home.


Of course, any mother-to-be loves to be showered with gifts. If you opt for a larger shower, you may end up getting gifts that you do not necessarily need. Many people still do not buy from baby registries and instead opt to buy receiving blankets and clothes for the new baby. This could happen with a larger shower where the guests do not know you very well. A smaller shower is likely to include people who know you well and are aware of what you need, but a larger shower will mean more gifts.

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